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WATCHERS FEATURE! pt. 23100+ works to enjoy this month. :D

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Submitted on
August 8, 2012


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yesterday was a free premium day where every one had pretty much premium membership for a day( i know self explanatory right) as you can see by my page i had added a few new things one being a section that was for permanent features  well.. by accident i deleted when i was editing stuff around not remembering i did , only to > tell every one that i featured them> go to sleep> wake up > and have some one who i featured tell me its not there... you dont know how embarrassed i am!!..i'm lol'ing as we speak..... so i figured i matter as well do another BIGGER feature and this time  feature a large amount of deviations of those who i  had on the permanent feature.. there  maybe others but the focus is on them . this feature will stay untill holiday times most likely november there be mature content
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:iconarthawk87:Unity divides - Jared Leto by arthawk87Tom Hiddleston by arthawk87Loki by arthawk87Sorrow by arthawk87Most Generous Love by arthawk87100 Suns by arthawk87Midnight Art - Jared Leto by arthawk87Can you feel it? - Jared Leto by arthawk87Here we are at the start... - Jared Leto by arthawk87Screaming agony by arthawk87Death of Leland by arthawk87Fernando Torres by arthawk87Jared Leto by arthawk87In defense of our dreams - Jared Leto by arthawk87
:iconpbird12:Tangled by pbird12Humidity by pbird12Frogface ATC by pbird12Brothers by pbird12Reflective by pbird12Peaches and Cream by pbird12Charlie by pbird12The Doctor by pbird12Reminisce by pbird12GRASP - Draw-Along by pbird12CRUSHA Draw-Along by pbird12From Within - Draw-Along by pbird12Territorial by pbird12Sands of Time - Draw-Along by pbird12Shattered by pbird12Who's the boss? by pbird12The end of an Era by pbird12Parallelogram by pbird12Deluge by pbird12
:iconilojleen:Geisha by IlojleenSully Erna - No rest for the wicked by IlojleenOlivia Wilde 02 by IlojleenJohn of Young Guns and Karolina  (commission) by IlojleenSully Erna - Sinner's Prayer by IlojleenCommissions - winter 2012 by IlojleenDivision will unite -  Jared Leto by Ilojleen30 Seconds To Mars by IlojleenThe Vampire Diaries by IlojleenPiotr 'Roguc' Rogucki by IlojleenJared Padalecki as Sam Winchester by IlojleenHeath Ledger ACEO by IlojleenSully Erna 02 by IlojleenJared Leto - Stranger in a strange land by Ilojleen:thumb275092563:Dorota (commission) by IlojleenHarry Potter by IlojleenJensen Ackles as Dean Winchester by IlojleenLiv Tyler 04 by IlojleenAmy Winehouse (commission) by IlojleenJohnny Depp as the Libertine by IlojleenMarcysiabush by IlojleenThe true violinist by IlojleenIan Somerhalder as Damon by IlojleenImprisoned by IlojleenEmotions by Ilojleen
:iconcataclysm-x:Metamorphosis by Cataclysm-XZelda and Link - miniatures by Cataclysm-XElegancy by Cataclysm-XChange of Destiny by Cataclysm-XStargazer by Cataclysm-XShades of Grey - miniature by Cataclysm-X Muse - Darkshines by Cataclysm-XAdam Glambert by Cataclysm-XTime Crash by Cataclysm-XDoctor's Treatment - miniature by Cataclysm-X21 cents' worth - Doctor Who by Cataclysm-XTen cents' worth - Winchesters by Cataclysm-XElvis Presley by Cataclysm-XHayley Williams by Cataclysm-XYuna's Stardust by Cataclysm-X.: Salvatorn :. by Cataclysm-XStay with Me by Cataclysm-XJude-in-Law by Cataclysm-XMust Love Dogs by Cataclysm-XThe name's Chaplin, Sir by Cataclysm-XSerenity - Mike Portnoy by Cataclysm-XMr Green Eyes by Cataclysm-X
:iconwicked-illusion:Going Away Inside by Wicked-IllusionWherever Whores Go by Wicked-IllusionWith the Pointy End by Wicked-IllusionHonor and Justice by Wicked-IllusionInception by Wicked-IllusionThe Great Horned Owl by Wicked-IllusionCapture of a Soul by Wicked-IllusionFuzzy Little Creature by Wicked-IllusionThe Price We Pay by Wicked-IllusionTortured Soul by Wicked-IllusionIn Parts by Wicked-IllusionYou Don't Want To Mess With Me by Wicked-IllusionMore Than Music by Wicked-IllusionPromises... by Wicked-IllusionFringe Division by Wicked-IllusionGuilt Can Be a Killer by Wicked-IllusionEngineering Prodigy by Wicked-IllusionP.S. I Love You by Wicked-IllusionDesperado by Wicked-IllusionTormented by Wicked-IllusionThe Dark Lord by Wicked-Illusion
:iconcrimefish:sweet by Crimefish:thumb214315490:Echo and Narcissus by Crimefishbetween angels and insects by CrimefishAs Heaven Is Wide by CrimefishEntwash charm bracelet by Crimefishdrop dead gorgeous by Crimefishborn backwards by CrimefishThe Old Kingdom Part 1 by CrimefishAll Of This Past by Crimefishrev22:20 by CrimefishPOWERSLAVE by CrimefishSaint Jimmy by CrimefishRobert Stephen Singer by Crimefishpollo loco by CrimefishNot Gonna Get Us by CrimefishSpot by CrimefishFall On Your Knees by CrimefishBelieve by Crimefishin my arms by Crimefishsticks and stones by CrimefishAs The World Falls Down by CrimefishNDE by Crimefish"As He Breaks... by Crimefishdean machine by CrimefishBy The Grace Of God by CrimefishThe Apple Thief by CrimefishI know, huh? by CrimefishLittle soldier, little insect by CrimefishThe One And Only by CrimefishTough crowd: Jedi mind tricks by CrimefishLong Tall Sammy by by Crimefishsomething ever after by CrimefishAll Revved Up by CrimefishTransylvanian Concubine by Crimefish
:iconangelstorm-82:R O A D R U N N E R by Angelstorm-82S T R I P T E A S E by Angelstorm-82D E V I L I S H by Angelstorm-82As in a fairytale by Angelstorm-82BLACK WIDOW by Angelstorm-82N7: Commander Shepard by Angelstorm-82Arianne by Angelstorm-82A love linked across time by Angelstorm-82FF XIII - 2 Last one standing by Angelstorm-82Taylor Swift by Angelstorm-82Flight to Wayland by Angelstorm-82Megan Fox III by Angelstorm-82Cosmic Angel by Angelstorm-82:thumb203547883:Resistance is futile by Angelstorm-82Lady Lara Croft by Angelstorm-82Bruce Lee by Angelstorm-82LARA CROFT by Angelstorm-82
:iconyayacosplay:Faye Valentine (CFAC Miss April 2012) by yayacosplayCatwoman - Batman: Arkham City by yayacosplayPsylocke and Psychic blade by yayacosplayArkham City Catwoman by yayacosplayPsylocke Teaser from Superheroes Photoshoot by yayacosplayArkham City Catwoman Preview by yayacosplayFighting Stance by yayacosplayYatta! by yayacosplayPolaris - Marvel's X Men by yayacosplayCome at me Bro by yayacosplayCrimson Chain Leatherworks by yayacosplayPolaris - Marvel's X Men - new costume by yayacosplayA Song of Ice and Fire by yayacosplayCimmerian Allure II by yayacosplayCimmerian Allure by yayacosplayGranado Espada Wizard portrait by yayacosplayGranado Espada Wizard Costume Break Down by yayacosplayNew Granado Espada - Wizard by yayacosplayNew cosplay preview - Granado Espada by yayacosplayParting the Veil by yayacosplayVision in the Wild by yayacosplayLitchi in Action by yayacosplayLitchi Faye Ling Portrait by yayacosplayLitchi Faye Ling Costume Break Down by yayacosplayNew cosplay: Litchi - BlazBlue by yayacosplayOtaku no Video - Misty May by yayacosplayMisty May - Gainax by yayacosplay
:iconaurorawienhold:Birds are singing by AuroraWienholdThe oldest city street by AuroraWienholdAn expectant hunter by AuroraWienholdEverlasting by AuroraWienholdLouvre - Watercolor Study by AuroraWienholdDaybreak by AuroraWienholdA day in the city by AuroraWienholdWhispers - Watercolors by AuroraWienholdThe memory remains by AuroraWienholdA quiet place by AuroraWienholdThe sun can wait by AuroraWienholdStripes by AuroraWienholdField of dreams by AuroraWienholdSnow White's decision by AuroraWienholdFirst sign of spring by AuroraWienholdI Dream by AuroraWienhold
:iconwhizziewhizzer:Quarter Horse drawing by WhizzieWhizzerMarilyn Monroe drawing by WhizzieWhizzerElvis Presley drawing by WhizzieWhizzerGerard Butler drawing by WhizzieWhizzerBrad and Angelina drawing by WhizzieWhizzerIron Mike Tyson drawing by WhizzieWhizzerNed Kelly design drawing by WhizzieWhizzerNed Kelly Portrait drawing by WhizzieWhizzerNed Kelly Shooting drawing by WhizzieWhizzerEye Study drawing by WhizzieWhizzerArabian Pastel drawing by WhizzieWhizzerLips drawing by WhizzieWhizzerHungry like the Wolf drawing by WhizzieWhizzerElizabeth Taylor drawing 1 by WhizzieWhizzerChristina Aguilera drawing by WhizzieWhizzerPractice drawing 1 by WhizzieWhizzerNeytiri drawing by WhizzieWhizzerElizabeth Taylor drawing 3 by WhizzieWhizzer
:iconthubakabra:Wolf by ThubakabraIronman by ThubakabraWalkabout by ThubakabraIn vino veritas by ThubakabraAngel girl - commission by ThubakabraCelina by ThubakabraWith him by ThubakabraBeer splaccch by ThubakabraSpero by ThubakabraCelina und Sabine by ThubakabraGame of Thrones by ThubakabraHorse under the trees by Thubakabrahttp:Sheldon Cooper by ThubakabraKamikaze und Sabine by ThubakabraFascinatio by ThubakabraNatalie Portman by ThubakabraElizabeth Taylor by ThubakabraRita Hayworth by ThubakabraEquilibrium by ThubakabraAudrey Hepburn by ThubakabraAdora by ThubakabraStatham by ThubakabraDefiance by ThubakabraApproaching Whiteness by ThubakabraMorning Rose by Thubakabra
:iconblacleria:eye study by Blaclerialife by BlacleriaAll you need is Beauty by BlacleriaTime can hurt by BlacleriaColour dancer by BlacleriaThe End by BlacleriaNative American by BlacleriaBloodlust by Blacleriaeye practise by BlacleriaA red dress by BlacleriaFlames of hell by BlacleriaEye painting by BlacleriaIt's not Lupus - Dr. House by BlacleriaA glamorous Beauty by Blacleria
:iconbellechere:Binary: Phenomenal Comic Powers by BelleChereIvy Valentine: I'm Not Here To Play With You by BelleChereDeadpool: You're Looking At My Ass, Aren't You? by BelleChereDrowned Ophelia: Drown Your Tears in Me, My Dear by BelleChereMs. Marvel: The Avenger by BelleChereJessica Rabbit: The Spotlight by BelleChereShe-Hulk: It's Not Easy Being Green by BelleCherePower Girl: Homesick for Krypton by BelleChereIvy Valentine: Character Select by BelleChereGhost: A La Adam Hughes by BelleChereRogue: To Covet by BelleChereAnna Mercury: Lone Agent by BelleChereRed Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes by BelleChere
:iconeternalegend:Loki - Asgardian Prince by EternaLegendSerotonin by EternaLegendTom Hiddleston by EternaLegendBatman - for Colorado by EternaLegendKnight of Hyrule by EternaLegendPrincess of China by EternaLegendCaptured Loki by EternaLegendThor by EternaLegendDream Flight by EternaLegendAnakin Skywalker by EternaLegendTraining Birds by EternaLegend:thumb291960852:
:icondaviddeb:Sangue e Sabbia by DavidDebJack O'Neill and Samantha Carter by DavidDebKill Them All by DavidDebCassidy Freeman by DavidDebHeir of the Iron Throne by DavidDebThe Amazing Spiderman by DavidDebMemento by DavidDebChampion of Capua by DavidDebBringer of Rain by DavidDebGodswood at Winterfell by DavidDebFinding Ghost by DavidDebGlamor by Bettie Page by DavidDebGolden Rose by DavidDebThe Lannister Twins by DavidDebNight's Watch Vows by DavidDebSamantha Carter by DavidDebPadme -Gone with the Wind by DavidDebJon Snow and Ghost by DavidDebRobb Stark and Greywind by DavidDeb:thumb287981328::thumb287145048::thumb286337488:
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Zuka-Kirsch Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
Great collection of wonderful arists~
BOYKINS Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks i hope you enjoyed it"D
anjourekloos Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012   General Artist
this is so cool, i have found brilliant artists who i have never seen before!!!! thank you!:iconblueroseplz:
BOYKINS Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
not a problem and thank you aswell
Ilojleen Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012   Traditional Artist
Holy crap, what an ENORMOUS feature! :wow: Thank you VERY much! I do appreciate your support :heart: :iconcocoglompplz:
BOYKINS Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem you're welcome:D
arthawk87 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012   Traditional Artist
Wow, what a great feature, thank you for including me :hug:!!! Most of these artists I already know and watch, but now I have found new great artists that I'm going to check out right now :D.

And again, don't be embarrassed, it happens so quickly and it could have happened to anyone of us :-).
BOYKINS Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lmao you're right and you're welcome:D
pbird12 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Aw, don't be embarrassed, your effort and the thought is much appreciated, it's just a shame all your work putting it together disappeared :(

Thank you sooooo much again :love:
BOYKINS Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah its a bummer but i should of did it like this anyways i got too happy with the whole"premium day" ... you're welcome:D
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